About me

Thanks to my experience as a Shipmaster and my travels, I've had the chance to meet a bunch of great people around the world and discover meaningful cultures.


I was often disappointed in the massage parlors because the men's masseurs are rare and I was systematically imposed women whose hands were not powerful enough for me. So I decided to train myself and offer my professional skills to people who might be in a similar process to mine.

 First trained and graduated in Ayurvedic massage on futon at the yoga school and Shiatsu of Roland San Salvadore, I perfect my knowledge and my experience at Forma'kiné, with other diploma courses in Ayurvedic and Californian massage. on the table obtained from an international massage master, Gilles Amsallem. Through Ayurvedic and Californian massage, I wish to give you a moment of relaxation, pleasure, travel and serenity. 

My goal: to make you travel

My motto could be Mens sana in corpore sano ("A sound mind in a sound body"), namely, that well-being and a healthy lifestyle can improve our daily lives.

I am very sporty, which has also been an asset for many years.

I am a globe-trotter, loving boats, nature, photography.

I like my own freedom, my understanding of things.


It takes hard work to achieve success, many hours, many weeks, many years, it's never easy but it does not matter, that's why it's rewarding.

Professional Training

-Indian Yoga-Massage by Gina De Brito at the Rolan San Salvadore Yoga & Shiatsu Center (Paris- 2012)

-Ayurvedic Massage by Gil Amsallem at Format'kiné (Paris-2012)

-Californian Massage by Gil Amsallem at Format'kiné (Paris- 2012)

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