Ayurvedic Massage

It offers multiple benefits: it relaxes deeply, reduces nervous tension, improves blood circulation and detoxifies the body.

During the massage, the masseur works on different Ayurvedic spots called "Marmas", through which the Prāṇa moves around, or "vital breath" in Sanskrit.

Lulled by the rhythm of slow, gentle movements that penetrate the skin deep down, your mind travels freely while you listen to soft and enchanting background music and breathe the heady scents of creamy oil, like an invitation to the pleasures of the senses...


The oil is applied all over the body with pressure, in a more or less strong way depending on the Ayurvedic spots.

You will be massaged on a table, in order to relieve tension and allow you relax while being energized.

The action of the Ayurvedic massage aims to be preventative and helps fight against stress or trouble sleeping. It also aims to eliminate toxins from the body.

The Ayurvedic massage helps cleanse the body, to facilitate the movement of energies, relieve tension and eliminate fatigue while providing relaxation and well-being.

It can be practiced on specific areas (back, soles of the feet, legs, arms, head, stomach, buttocks) or all parts of the body, depending on the duration of massage chosen.


Note: The Ayurvedic massage is a preventive massage and not a medical treatment.

Californian Massage

Californian massage is often considered as the most sensual of bodily approaches.


It is an oil massage that lasts 1h30.


The main goals of Californian massage are to promote relaxation (muscular and nervous), blood and lymphatic circulation, the assimilation and digestion of food, the elimination of toxins, the functioning of vital organs and awakening to consciousness body psycho.


The Californian massage technique involves various maneuvers that start with slow, harmonious touches, followed by slid pressures that become more pronounced on particularly tense body parts.



The oil plays a big role in Ayurvedic massage but also in Californian massage, it is the most used.

It eliminates blockages and opens the energy channels.

Once heated, it penetrates more easily and cleans, purifies and nourishes the skin while moisturizing.

It provides a warming effect to the skin, especially in cold weather.

It avoids frictions and heat due to friction.



It is used during warmer periods.

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